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Hemen zaude: Hasiera Hemeroteka Basque dancing latest Japanese craze

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Basque dancing latest Japanese craze


The Japanese have a well.established reputation for not doing things by half. The Asian country allegedly has more schools dedicated to Flamenco than the whole of Spain, while the Michelin Guide 2010 reported that Tokyo was now home to the world's best restaurants.

The Japanese are also brilliant at emulating international cuisine; Tokyo's Basque restaurant Lauburu was awarded its first Star in 2010.

Now, as this video shows, Basque dancing is going the same way as the cuisine. The 'Euskal Dantza' in question is a male dance from the Baztan area of Navarre entitled Billantziko.

It looks like 'Euskal Dantza' is a new subject at this dance academy; who knows how long it will be before Japanese groups are touring with their owns finely-tuned interpretations of our traditional Basque dancing? Basque



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