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Hemen zaude: Hasiera Hemeroteka A campaign has been launched to re-open include your signature

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A campaign has been launched to re-open include your signature


As a result of the closure of, the response from dance aficionados, all over the world, was not to wait but instead to create a support group to collect signatures immediately.  The initiative is very urgent in nature since the deadline for gathering signatures is rapidly approaching.  Those in charge need to have the signatures by Friday, in order to supply them as a show of support of the website in the negotiations being carried out between and other institutions.

According to Oier Araolaza, creator and promoter of the website, this initiative “on one hand has been a joy, and on the other, a surprise.”  Since the news of the closure, numerous messages of support from Basque dance fans around the world have been received.  “In this first wave the response has been incredible.  When we were working, we knew that people were reading the site, but little else; but to find out now how much is missed is incredible,” he added.

The group wants to provide an effective outlet for the support and as has continued to talk to Basque institutions in search of new resources, the signatures gathered serve as proof of its social pull. “We are talking to some institutions who want to see the support that we have.  The response needs to be immediate; the campaign began last Thursday, and we only have a week, more or less, to present them,” Araolaza explained.

If you would like to help, sign here ( and spread the word about the initiative.

A campaign has been launched to re-open include your signature's front page

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